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Quick Start Guide

What is HelloClips?

HelloClips is a powerful text based clipboard application designed to eliminate most of the repetitive tasks faced by working professionals everyday. It’s equipped with unique single key sequential unlimited clips pasting functionality, keystroke macro automation and many more. Please go through HelloClips overview and other documentation to know more about it.

Installation and first run

HelloClips comes with both variants Portable and Installer. In portable version, just extract the .zip file and put it in a folder. Now clicking on the HelloClips.exe will start the application. In case of standard installer version, double click on the setup and follow the steps. The application will be installed on your PC. Now launch the application from desktop where you will get the HelloClips icon.

Your copy of HelloClips is protected with password and on each run it will ask for the correct password. The pre built password of HelloClips is 1234. We recommend you to change the password on your first run. You can change it from the Settings section of HelloClips.

System requirements

1OSWindows 7 with SP1; Recommended: Windows 10
2RAM512MB of Free RAM is Recommended
3Disk Storage500 MB of free disk space
4Monitor ResolutionMinimum 1280×800; Recommended: 1366×768
5InternetNo Internet connectivity is required to run or work
6InstallationPortable and Installer – both versions available
7Administrative privilegeRequires
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