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HelloClips :: Advanced Usage

HelloClips is not just a clip pasting software. It’s more than that. Creating text clips and pasting those easily are few basic features of it. But we do not stop our development here. We have equipped HelloClips with many advanced features which are capable of minimising our users’ daily work load upto many times.

Using HelloClips you can automate any task specially those repetitive boring tasks in a few steps. Repetitive tasks means same type of task like pressing keys, logging into any webpage or application frequently and many more. By using HelloClips you can keep records of the keystrokes in the form of macros and play back those recorded macros as many times as you want. And thus you can automate almost any task with the help of HelloClips Macros. Macro Automation is one of the advanced features of HelloClips.

Now we will discuss about the HelloClips Macro Automation, its creation and usage  in the later chapters.

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