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Keyboard Shortcuts of HelloClips

Keyboard shortcuts and HelloClips

Various Keyboard shortcuts play important roles in HelloClips. For example if you want to paste the contents of the clips sequentially listed under a Title, press < PageDown > key. On each pressing the clips are being pasted one by one. HelloClips itself runs in the background and helps the users working on other applications. That’s why keyboard shortcuts are so important.

The Keyboard Shortcuts in HelloClips can be divided in to two categories ::

  • Default Keys
  • Assigned Macro Keys

1. Default Keys ::

Default keys are predefined. You cannot change the default application keys and their functions.

PageDownPaste and go to the next clip
PageUpGo to the first clip of the list
Shift+PageDownPointing to the previous clip. On each <Shift+PageDown>  pressing the pointer will go back one step behind and thus up to the first clip
Ctrl+\Copy selected text and open new AddClip popup anywhere. Read Clip creation section to know more.
Ctrl+Alt+DIf any Title is set as Default Clip then this keys combo will toggle between the default Title and last selected Title.
Ctrl+Insert or InsCopy selected text and directly create a new clip. No AddClip popup will appear here.
Ctrl+<1 to 0>Switch between Top 10 favourite Titles set ny you.
Ctrl+[Run Clip-based Macros. Read more about it in HelloClips Macro section
ESCStop the running macro at any point.

NB: DONOT assign the default application keys mentioned in this table as new Independent Macro running keys in  MacroRecorder panel. If done so, these may cause unwanted results and may even break the application.

You can view the list of Default Keys and Assigned Macro Keys from Help>Keyboard_Shortcuts in Menu bar

2. Assigned Macro Keys ::

This list shows all the keys assigned by the user (you) as macro running/triggering keys. This list varies from user to user as different users may create different keystroke macros and different triggering keys for those macros as well.

An example of Macro running keys is given below

Example of Assigned Macro Running Keys
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