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HelloClips :: Basic Usage

While working on a computing device, we need to transfer data from one location to another. This is very common and a frequently used task. To simplify this very essential task, the concept of clipboard has been introduced. The main task of clipboard is to hold data, text, images, videos temporarily when that data, texts, images or videos are cut or copied for the purpose of pasting to a new location. Ctrl+C is the usual method of copying data on a Windows computer. Ctrl+X is used for cut purpose. To place the copied data to the new location, Ctrl+V is used. As the copied data stored temporarily, this copying and pasting process is a one time process means once you have copied something, it cannot be stored permanently. The data will available in clipboard until any new data is not copied. If you have copied or cut something and then again you copy something, the old data will be replaced with the new one. This is the fundamental mechanism of default clipboard.

It is now universally proven that text based contents are copied and pasted more than any other data types like images, videos and others. We have built HelloClips to handle the most used text type data efficiently. You can enhance the functionality of default system clipboard upto many times using HelloClips on your system. HelloClips can store text selected by you permanently and you can reuse those text content anytime at your needs.

HelloClips’ unique single key sequential clip pasting feature makes it one of the favourite clipboard applications among professionals. Save your important text in the form of Clips and use these Clips later sequentially or according to your requirement by just pressing {PageDown} key. This will paste your selected clip content into the required field. So simple.. Isn’t it ???

Clips are saved in a decent grouping manner in HelloClips. Clips can be categorised by Groups>Titles. This type of easy categorisation is very convenient to find out your required clips later at your needs. To hold or save texts in HelloClips, create a Group first and then under that Group, create a Title. The Title holds all the Clips. A Clip is the smallest quantity in HelloClips. All the texts are saved as Clips here. i.e Group>Title>Clip. Such type of categorisation is very helpful in finding out the particular clip later. Unlimited numbers of text-clips can be created under a Group > Title. A Clip can be created in many ways. But first let’s discuss about how to create a Group and a Title because without creating these two, clips cannot be created.

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